Kiwi freediver “William Trubridge” sets new record 92m without Fins

Kiwi freediver William Trubridge has set yet another world record by plunging 92 meters underwater.
Trubridge, 29, set the record about 5am New Zealand time in the ”no fins” category of the Vertical Blue 2010 event in the Bahamas.

He held his breath for three minutes and 45 seconds in the record plunge – collecting a tag from a plate 92 meters deep to prove he had set the record.

Before the dive, Trubridge told The Dominion Post the ”no fins” event was the ”purest discipline” in freediving, which required a lot of strength.

”It’s a very physical discipline, because you can only use your hands and feet.”

At the weekend, he attempted to set a world record in a discipline which allows divers to use fins and a rope, but he failed after struggling to ”equalize” one of his ears.
The competition is happening at the 203m-deep Dean’s Blue Hole – the deepest blue hole in the world.

The greatest danger for Trubridge during the dive was that he could run out of oxygen and black out, organizers said.

Trubridge had previously set at least seven world records in the sport, including one in December last year when he dived to 90 meters without fins.

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