A newly Discoverd Fish but the Oilspill threatens the small Pancake Batfish

Halieutichthys aculeatus (Mitchill 1818)

Pancake Batfish threatened by the Louisiana Oil-Spill where its teritorial is placed!

Max. size: 100 mm (4in.)

Easily identified by: rounded disk, pectoral fin lobes connected to the tail by skin, reticular pattern on the dorsal surface, ventral surface of body naked.

Range and depth: North Carolina to northern South America, including the Gulf of Mexico, Caribbean Sea, Cuba, Venezuela, and the Bahamas in 0 – 421 meters (0 – 1389 feet) (Miller 1965, Bullis and Struhsaker 1970, McEachran and Fechhelm 1998).

Habitat: occurs on substrata consisting of hard sand and coral, sand and sandy clay, or sandy mud with shell debris (Richards and Bradbury 1999).

Feeding: polychaete worms, small crustaceans (e.g. mysids), and small gastropods (Winans 1975, Nagareda 2005, Nagareda and Shenker 2008).

Ogcocephalus declivirostris Bradbury 1980

Slantbrow Batfish

Max. size: 137 mm (5.4 inches) (McEachran and Fechhelm 1998)

Easily identified by: rostrum slopes downward (not upwards or horizontal) with respect to the long axis of the body, pectoral fins translucent and taper to a point (not rounded) (Bradbury 1980).

Range and depth: northern and western Gulf of Mexico in 3.5 – 180 meters (11.55 – 594 feet) with one specimen recorded from the Straits of Florida at 388 meters (1280.4 feet) (Bradbury 1980).

Feeding: primarily tiny gastropods, specifically Nassarius sp, and Cosmioconcha calliglypta (Nagareda 2005, Nagareda and Shenker 2008).

Ogcocephalus pantostictus Bradbury 1980

Spotted Batfish

Max. size: 310 mm (12.2 inches) (McEachran and Fechhelm 1998)

Easily identified by: pattern of dark spots over the entire dorsal surface of the body.

Range and depth: north and west Gulf of Mexico, from Mobile Bay, Alabama to Tampico, Tamaulipas (Mexico) in 9-31 meters (29.7-102.3 feet) (Bradbury 1980).

Feeding: gastropods (Cosmioconcha calliglypta, Kurtziella sp., Oliva sayana), xanthid crabs and swimming crabs (Callinectes similis) (Nagareda 2005, Nagareda and Shenker 2008).

Other notes: rostrum characterized by ontogenetic allometry (very long in juveniles, then shortens with growth to become very short in adults
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TDEX 2010 Bangkok Scuba Diving Expo

TDEX 2010 Bangkok Scuba Diving Expo Team

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TDEX 2010 great success in Bangkok for TDA (Thailand Diving Association) & Poseidon Dive Academy Thailand Krabi Ao Nang

Daniel Sasse and Yuphin Phiranam have had a lot of interessted customers on the Booth and where busy during the four days of the Scuba Diving Expo not only promoted the TDA but also the amazing Dive Sites in the Southwest of Thailand Phi Phi and Local Islands close to Ao Nang

This year TDA presents also additional information on mono fin swimming directly given by the Thai National Coach Mr. Vladimir Karmazin who three times won the World Championships already.
Further information you will find of course on the best diving spots all around Thailand!

Mr. Maik Rudolph, TDA BOD Member, was – as the years before – organizer and leader of TDA booth at TDEX 2010 in Bangkok.
With his idea to present the new discipline of fin swimming beside all information about diving in Thailand he could attract many visitors to the booth!
Therefore especially at the weekend all TDA Team was very busy to provide interesting information to everybody.
For more details on Free- & Apnoe diving click here or contact us directly here!

There were also Environmental Organisations like Greenfins Thai Environmental Reef Check ect. Who showed on how to prevent littering and wasting the Ocean with Movies and little tricks which actually help a lot!