Tham Sra Kaeo Cave Krabi Thailand

The PoolThis is the deepest known cave in Thailand and all of it is underwater. It is a very deep vauclusian resurgence with two surface pools which join underwater. The sump contains fresh water, even at -240m. There are several other deep resurgences in this area and the source of the water is not known.
The site was first dived by Matt London and the Thailand Cave Diving Project around 1993. The two surface pools were connected at a depth of 84m. These dives pushed the cave to a depth of -120m using open-circuit equipment. Exploration was resumed in December 2005 when Bruce Konefe, Cedric Verdier and Mike Gadd reached a depth of -150m using rebreathers. In May 2006 Verdier and Gadd extended the cave to -201m. The bottom of the sump was eventually reached by Ben Reymenants in November 2006 at a depth of -240m.
If you do this please ask us first. It is dangerous to dive in caves especially if you go deep! Instructors and divers lost there life in these cave.
But nevertheless there are also many Caves around to reach by foot on land. You’ll need torches to explore these caves and if you like Bats then this is a must! 😉
All can be reached by walking from this lake!
If you have any questions please contact me!
Have lots of fun exploring undiscovered worlds!

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