It’s a great day for the whales


Victory in the Southern Ocean Day for the Whales

Pilot Chris Aultman and crewmember Mark Cullivan in an emotional embrace. Photo: Barbara VeigaPilot Chris Aultman and crewmember Mark Cullivan in an emotional embrace.
Photo: Barbara Veiga
It’s official – the Japanese whaling fleet has called it quits in the Southern Ocean, at least for this season. And if they return next season, Sea Shepherd Conservation Society will be ready to resume their efforts to obstruct and disable illegal Japanese whaling operations.

“The Nisshin Maru made a significant course change immediately after the Japanese government made it official that the whaling fleet has been recalled,” said Captain Alex Cornelissen from the Bob Barker. “She looks like she’s going home!”

The Sea Shepherd ship Bob Barker has been tailing the Japanese Nisshin Maru factory ship since February 9th making it impossible for the whalers to continue their illegal whaling operations.

“I have a crew of 88 very happy people from 23 different nations including Japan and they are absolutely thrilled that the whalers are heading home and the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is now indeed a real sanctuary,” said Captain Paul Watson.

The Sea Shepherd ships Steve Irwin, Bob Barker, and Gojira will remain in the Southern Ocean to escort the Japanese ships northward. “We will not leave the whale sanctuary until the last whaling ship has departed,” said Gojira captain Locky MacLean.

“This is a great victory for the whales,” said Captain Watson, “but we did not do this alone. Without the support of the people of Australia and New Zealand, we would not have been able to send voyages out for seven seasons from Australian and New Zealand ports. We are grateful to Senator Bob Brown and the Australian Greens Party. We are very grateful to Mr. Bob Barker for giving us the ship that turned the tide in our efforts to force the Japanese fleet from these waters. We are grateful to all our onshore staff and volunteers, supporting members and ship crews. We are grateful to the Chilean Navy and the government of France for their support. It is a very happy day for people everywhere who love whales and our oceans.”

It’s official – the killing of whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary is over for this season and the whalers did not even take 10% of their quota. Sea Shepherd estimates that over 900 whales have been saved this year.

“It’s a great day for the whales,” said Sea Shepherd Chief Cook on the Steve Irwin Laura Dakin of Canberra, Australia, “and it’s a great day for humanity!”

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Wrong Press release: Thailand Dive Sites are closed!


Honeycomb Moray

Despite many press releases worldwide the Thai Government DOES NOT close all dive sites in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand region!
Correct is that a few Dive Sites will be closed due to research. The dive sites which will be closed do not reflect on diving pleasure in Thailand. Please find the links where you can see and find more detailed information that only a few reefs will be closed for scientific research purposes:
Another fact: The coral bleaching comes from to warm water temperatures and not from Divers at all!

Also coral bleaching phenomena is not damaging more than 10% of all corals throughout the Kingdom’s seas, but partly in shallow water areas some of the coral life. You still can enjoy wonderful and colourful reefs in the Andamnan Sea and as well in the Gulf of Thailand!

We awaiting you and looking forward to some amazing dives!

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FEHLINFORMATION: Thailändische Tauchgebiete geschlossen


Honeycomb Murray

Pressemeldungen mit mangelhafter oder gar gänzlich fehlender Recherche ziehen Kreise und verbreiten, alle Riffe in thailändischen Marine National Parks werden gesperrt – Das ist SCHWACHSINN..!!!Richtig ist, dass ein paar wenige Tauchpläzte zu wissenschaftlichen Studienzwecken gesperrt werden, die nicht tauchrelevant sind, bzw die sowieso kaum einer der thailändischen Tauch-Fan-Gemeinde kennt oder jemals betaucht hat. Namentlich und geografisch gelistet findet Ihr die gesperrten Riffe unter folgendem Link:

Dem ungetrübten Tauchspass in thailändischen Gewässern steht also nach wie vor nichts entgegen!

Wir erwarten Euch und wünschen euch immer gut Luft!

Das Poseidon Tauch-Team!