Wrong Press release: Thailand Dive Sites are closed!


Honeycomb Moray

Despite many press releases worldwide the Thai Government DOES NOT close all dive sites in the Andaman Sea and the Gulf of Thailand region!
Correct is that a few Dive Sites will be closed due to research. The dive sites which will be closed do not reflect on diving pleasure in Thailand. Please find the links where you can see and find more detailed information that only a few reefs will be closed for scientific research purposes:
Another fact: The coral bleaching comes from to warm water temperatures and not from Divers at all!


Also coral bleaching phenomena is not damaging more than 10% of all corals throughout the Kingdom’s seas, but partly in shallow water areas some of the coral life. You still can enjoy wonderful and colourful reefs in the Andamnan Sea and as well in the Gulf of Thailand!

We awaiting you and looking forward to some amazing dives!

The Poseidon Dive Academy Team!

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