Poseidon Dive Center on Tanga Reef

TangaReefTangaReef is a website where you can make bookings for dive holidays with partner dive centers around the world online. Whether you want to book a beginner course, an advanced course, just go diving or bring a friend along for snorkeling, TangaReef is the convenient, safe and responsible way to do so. With Tanga Reef, one can just sit back, relax, and conveniently book the trip and pay online using a credit or debit card at no extra charge.

And on top of that, every booking on TangaReef automatically benefits ocean conservation efforts such as the Coral Reef Alliance at no extra charge! So why not chose Poseidon Dive Center, one of the first TangaReef partners in Thailand, for your next diving adventure?

Poseidon Dive-Center

Daniel Sasse
Poseidon CMAS/ATUS (Association of Thailand Underwater Sports) 5star ITC Dive-Academy #0057
Managing Director
CMAS/ATUS Krabi Representative
CMAS/ATUS**** Course Director
69/9 Soi Suan Turian
81180 Ao-Nang / Krabi
Tel. +66 (0)980719035
Mobile. +66 (0)843 087628
Web. www.poseidon-krabi.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Scuba.Diving.Krabi

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