Poseidon Dive Center for sale

Poseidon Dive Center for sale

Poseidon Dive Center Co.Ltd. Established in Ao Nang since 19 years. 10 years of it in my hand.

You’d have the advantage of a good running set up business with a lot of repeat customers and contracts of other dive centers and Hotels.
Ao Nang is on the rise with new Hotels buildings and tourist!



  1. The Business is a registeredTAT (Tourism Authority of Thailand) license for all Thailand waters with 8mil. Baht and 4 foreign work permits.
  2. All insurances and taxes of the business are paid up to current date.
  3. 23m x 5m Dive Boat for 35 Divers. Completely refurbished and set up for divers 2015 on the lower deck and just refurbished the Top Deck in May 2017.
  4. License for Thailand wide including night running license
  5. All Boat taxes and insurances paid up to June 2018
  6. Main Isuzu engine with 370HP. completely overhauled 2014.
  7. Gearbox refurbished August 2017
  8. New Anti-fauling and Hull Paint August-Sept. 2017
  9. 3 Phase Generator Engine 30KW completely overhauled 2014
  10. 2 Phase Kubota Generator Engine 5KW new since May 2017
  11. CB Radio AIS, VHF, bought January 2017
  12. 2 Garmin GPSMAP 585 with sonar,
  13. Emergency Oxygen 1x12l portable and 1x25l stationary.
  14. CCTV with 4 Cameras and 23” TV in Captains Cabin cameras to engine room and dive deck.
  15. Diesel Tanks for up to 1200l of Diesel
  16. Freshwater tanks for 2800l
  17. Compressor on the Boat L&W 450E completely overhauled 2015 and new electrical System. Pictures are also available.
  18. 60 Tanks
  19. 20 working serviced and new Mares BCD’s sets of Equipment. Bought January 2017
  20. Classroom including workbench, equipment cleaning facilities Storage room toilette. (rental 7500,- THB per Month)
  21. Shop (rental 7000,- THB per Month)
  22. Established Contract with Project Abroad which book 3 days a week around 10 divers.
  23. Suzuki Truck (Leasing paid off)
  24. TukTuk with a completely new Sidecar February 2017
  25. World wide webpage 90.000 Baht deposit at DPD TAT which you get back if you close the Company.
  26. Great running Facebook Page with more than 3.300 likes and 3000 followers.
  27. Google+ Page with more than 8.000 followers and over 20.000 on the Collection.
  28. Twitter with more than 7.000 followers
  29. Instagram with more than 12.000+ followers
  30. All reviews are great over the past years.

(Pictures of all overhauls are all available since I bought it.)

Price: 400.000,- €

If serious interest revenue documents can be seen.

2nd Cleanup day of a Ghost fishing Net

1 day wasn’t enough to remove all of it so we went out again today with 17 divers to clean up the rest! Big Thanks to the Marine National Park of Phi Phi Islands by coming out and supporting us with divers and speedboat! Also a big thanks goes to Project Abroad with their staff and Volunteers! And last but not least our staff and customers who volunteered! The damage was imense at the reef but at least we could rescue some fish crabs shrimps and seastars out of the Net! Please follow proper Fishing laws!

Giant Triggerfish parenting behavior

I’m very happy that i was able to shoot some pretty good footage of a Giant Triggerfish letting me come very close to watch its parenting behavior. After spawning, both the male and female participate in caring for the fertilized eggs (biparental egg care). A female triggerfish stays near the spawning ground, around 5 meters off the bottom, and guards the eggs within her territory against intruders. Besides guarding, females will roll, fan, and blow water on eggs to provide oxygen to the embryo, thereby inducing hatching. This behavior of female triggerfish is called ‘tending,’ and males rarely perform this behavior.

Accomodation available

Accomodation available

Accomodation is available for our guests.

There is space for up to two. Kitchen and cooking facilities, living room with LED TV and free Internet. Washing Machine, Fridge, Fan, Hot Shower. Terrace with seating area in front, car parking area beside the house. Only 2min drive to the Beach. Fresh water Storage with pump to ensure a permanent water supply.


Refurbished 04/2017

Prices include fresh water and Electricity.
Daily 690.- THB
Monthly 16,000.- THB