Removing abandoned Fishing Net

National Geographic published our Project Removing abandoned Ghost and Fishing Nets. Abandoned Fishing nets are a killer for our reefs. Due to it entangles into corals they’ll choke get broken off by surge of waves. reef resident fish are getting entangled and die. Read more on

Fimbriated Moray

The fimbriated moray (Gymnothorax fimbriatus) also known as darkspotted moray or spot-face moray. It can reach a maximum length of 80 centimetres (31 in). Taken by #Underwaterphotographer #DanielSasse #Scubadiving #Aonang #Krabi #Thailand #Marinelifeprotection #Ouroceans #Underwaterphoto #Fortheoceans #Natgeo #snorkeling #Savetheoceans #Marineconservation #Oceandefender #Saveourseas #underwaterlife #fish #ecowarrior #ilovediving #wildlife
The fimbriated moray (Gymnothorax fimbriatus)

Zebra Shark

Zebra Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum)

Zebra Shark (Stegostoma fasciatum) is an Endangered species worldwide! Often mixed up with the Leopard Shark due to its Pattern. It’s called Zebra shark because as a juvenile it does have the black and white stripes of a zebra. This Zebra #Shark is 2,5m in length and is nocturnal laying on sandy patches and the seafloor during daytime. Unlike a Media lie that “all sharks have to swim” here is proof that many Sharks don’t have to. The zebra shark is oviparous which means the female lays eggs. Taken by #Underwaterphotographer#DanielSasse#Scubadiving#Aonang#Krabi

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Removing an illegal Fishing Cage inside the Marine National Park

On a scuba dive at the Marine national Park Phi Phi Islands on  20th August 2015 we have found an illegal set Fishing Cage. A Lot of fish have been trapped inside and it was attached with a big rope to a Coral, either by scuba or surface supply divers! Fish cages are not allowed 3 nautical miles around the MN-Park Borders! Thanks a lot to Stefan Heinsen for the great Camera work and Anett for helping out! Also a big thank you goes to project abroad research divers!

Local Islands Ao Nang Krabi

A small glimpse on how beautiful the local islands Ao Nang “STILL” are! Please let us protect this beautiful marine environment! Each of you can help by teaching how fragile it is! Say NO to Coal, Don’t feed the fish and don’t throw anything in the Ocean! We love ❤ the local Islands! Enjoy!!

转载自学生 (甲米奥南深潜 -OW开放水域课程)

去年去普吉,这一次换个地方,去了泰国甲米的奥南。这一次终于考了Padi 的OW,一共三天的课程, 第一天上午学习理论,下午到游泳池练习。第二天就出海了,连续两天每天都安排了两次潜水,穿潜水衣,带面罩,背气瓶,上水下水,也挺累的啊 .香港教练是在QQ上找的,出发前先约好时间。她在Poseidon 潜水中心工作, 后来才知道甲米奥南只有她一个中文教练。刚开始的时候,觉得教练很严格,心里在想,我又不是打算吃这行饭,干嘛那么多规矩,还弄得我有点紧张。后来下到水里,大概有十米吗,感觉是失重状态却有鼓力量在推拉着,明明想向左边去但身体不给力,总是往右边游,在水里好艰难保持在同一个深度,腿一蹬,人又往上升了,教练只好老是拉着我。第一潜后跟教练交流,才知道这左右上下不听召唤是我这种菜鸟的必经阶段。然后教练又很认真的跟我复习在游泳池学的东西。不说那些鱼啊珊瑚啊,光是水流和深度已经是学问了。水下照片是后来拿到OW证后去fun dive, 教练拍的照片,去了PP岛的潜点Maya Corner 和 Hin Klai。当天运气好,看到了豹纹鲨、海龟、狮子鱼、蝎子鱼、石头鱼、海兔、龙虾、螳螂虾等(呵呵都是教练告诉我的)。虽然坐船去要两个小时,但看到的东西花款多,船也是双层的(我认为这实在太重要了。两个小时如果窝在小木船上,先不说安全与稳定性,船小没地方走动,这本身就够难受了)。


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Thailand sharks














Shark awareness day

White Spotted Bamboo Shark
White Spotted Bamboo Shark

4th of June is Shark awareness day!!!! Humans kill more than 100 Million Sharks per Year! Please help us to Protect them! THANK YOU!

Please Visit our Page to help us Protect our Sharks

Poseidon Dive Center Boat Refurbished

We Welcome you on Board our new refurbished Dive Vessel PDC1! She is such a beauty now!
If anyone is interested here is a list what has been done for the past 5 weeks she was out of the water!
New Propeller shape and refurbishing so we can run with a higher Speed (about 10 kn) Which reduces our Travel time to Phi Phi to 1,5h instead of 2h! Many wooden boards have been changed on the outside, Complete Lining and 4x Anti Fouling,Stabilizers have been made longer for less rolling in waves, 30 Rips inside the Hull have been changed for stability, Hull stabilizers have been upgraded or exchanged, Dive Deck is now wider than before, new throttle and cable, Rudder and suspension refurbished, whole boat was painted in- and outside, floor has been painted with a non slippery color and the Captain has a new seat and Bed! Compressor had a complete overhaul in September 2013 but we installed a new Filling Panel filling whips and filling valves. We are now ready for the next Seasons to come!
Please call us +66(0)75637263 for any bookings!
Still to come: CCTV, LED TV, Stereo, Logo and? Tell us what you’d like to see on our Boat!

Liveaboard Trip 2Days / 1 Night

Poseidon Dive Center Liveaboard 5th-6th April 2Days/1Night

Livaboard 2D/1N 5th-6th April

We’re planing a Liveaboard Trip on the 5th-6th April 2Days/1Night to Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Koh Ha Yai with 6 dives in total. We have 8 Cabins with double and bunk beds. Come with us and hopefully see some Manta Rays and possibly a Whaleshark. If you are interested please give us a call at +66(0)75637263. Price all inclusive is 9900,- THB.


We are loosing Nemo


Because we humans burn fossils so fast the CO2 level in the Oceans rise Anemones become acid and Nemo has problems to locate predators.
According to numerous studies, if ocean acidification continues at the current rate, clownfish could experience significant sensory impairment. Since clownfish rely on their auditory and olfactory capabilities to evade predators and locate appropriate habitats, there is much indication that ocean acidification will negatively affect their population numbers. Signs appearing here! 6 years ago we had many more anemones and Nemos here!
PLEASE reduce your carbon footprint!

Underwater Clean up days at Phi Phi Islands Poseidon Dive Center

A Video from our very successful 2 Clean up days at Phi Phi Islands! Project Abroad and Poseidon Dive Center joined forces and cleaned up almost 3000 kg of Rubbish. But it should not happen in the first place that so much rubbish lands in our precious Oceans! Please put your rubbish in a Bin not on the Street or the Ocean! Thanks to all the other Groups and Dive Centers who have joined!