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The search for a teenager, who went missing while camping with friends at the Watagans, will continue tomorrow.

The 19-year-old man from Tenambit went for a walk near McLean’s Lookout, at around nine o’clock yesterday morning.

Today’s search included 30 SES volunteers, police rescue, an ambulance specialist team and the VRA – along with Polair.

New South Wales Fire and Rescue personnel will join tomorrow’s effort, which will begin at 8am.

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    1. thinking and praying for your protection and safety Jay and thinking & praying for the family.

  1. I’m praying so so hard for Jay! The Lord will comfort the family at this extremely testing time!
    Much love to all of you, and I pray that the Lord will guide you to him tomorrow morning. Love to you all xx

  2. Jay keep strong the Lord will guide someone to you and your family rest assured Jay in safe in the hands of the Lord wherever he may lie – God – in our distresses very readily found!

  3. Jay we love you……… thinking and praying for you and your family constantly……

  4. Praying you’ll be OK Jay… praying for your family and those looking for you!

  5. We will find u extremely soon Jay. Please please please pray that a miracle will happen. Xx

  6. you are very much in our thoughts and prayers.
    I convey my sympathies to the family.

  7. Our thoughts and constant prayers are with you Jay & the family. May you feel comforted and at peace knowing that Jesus is always with us all. Lots of love..xx

    For I, Jehovah, thy God, hold
    thy right hand, saying unto thee, Fear not; I will
    help thee.
    Isaiah 41:13

    1. Or the power of prayer!

      But to him that is able to do
      far exceedingly above all which we ask or think,according to the power which works in us, to
      him be glory in the assembly in Christ Jesus unto
      all generations of the age of ages. Amen
      Ephesians 3 v 20

  8. The Lord has come near to us & especially the family, He will provide the needed comfort – as always He does. What peace He brings in times of distress like this.
    See 2 Peter 3 v9.

  9. Kia Kaha (Stay strong) to Jay and the Family – our thoughts and prayers go out to you constantly.

  10. Praying Jay is found soon and he is in good health. Praying for all the family and community at this difficult time.

  11. Stay strong all of u. God wont put you through more than you can bear. Praying continually for you all.

    Love Carrie

  12. ‘Gods ways are perfect’ ……Prays for you Jay and comfort for the family

  13. KIA KAHA Stay strong Thinking & Praying for Jay & the family and the community that are looking for this young man

  14. We are praying so hard for Jay & all the family & friends. Haven’t stopped thinking about you all, since we heard yesterday morning. Keep praying please, everyone.
    …cast all your care upon Him, for He cares about you. 1 Peter 5:7

  15. May you feel the comfort of those who love you at this time. No tears go wasted, no pain goes unfelt, we are all praying for you. Be strong and know that God makes no mistakes.

  16. Praying so much for you Jay and Family………xoxo… We need to keep strong, and keep praying……..

  17. praying for you jay..xoxo .much comfort to all your hope that you will be found and God bless all the rescue services xox

  18. Keep the faith! Never ever give up trying to find Jay! You mustn’t give up…he will be there somewhere!! Love to you all…! Praying hard and thinking of you every minute of everyday!

  19. We love you Jay!!.. Thinking & Praying for you, the family & all involved. Give God no rest…Prayer moves mountains. Love to you all Xx.

  20. Praying for you Jay and Family…

    Hope the search will be successful

    Love you all!

  21. Praying and thinking of you constantly Jay and family. Much love to you all. xoxo

  22. praying hard for you Jay and family,what a worrying time for you all.Love to all involved-keep strong and positive

  23. We are all praying for Jay and the family…
    Hope he will be found soon.
    Much love and comfort from us all Xx

  24. praying for you Jay and family – you r all close to our hearts at this terrible time .. 🙁 we are here for you
    hope Jays body is found soon
    lots of love and much comfort from us all.xox

    1. Please keep positive Zlx, Jay has not been found so let’s not assume the worst k?

      God can work a miracle and lets just keep praying that he is alive and well.

  25. Kevin, Ingrid & Fam thoughts and prayers are with you. Praying for safe recovery of your son.

  26. Thinking and praying for you all….Jay and family…..the rescue teams too….everyone that’s involved.
    Much love to all the family Xx

  27. If he had a blackberry on him, can you locate his phone using blackberry protect? Praying for you all!

  28. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Jay and family…. praying for a miracle…. God bless you all

  29. Jay, we’re all praying for you! Hope you’re found soon! Please return safely!!
    Thinking of your family too at this time!

  30. Praying for you Jay & Family for a safe return and recovery…much love to you all xo

  31. What about the legendary Aboriginal Trackers (“Black Trackers”)? (Also, the BlackBerry idea was good, except that the battery is probably flat now!)

  32. Point taken Glen, If he had a Blackberry, it will still pick up the last known location but I am sure the authorities would of covered that already….

  33. Our prayers are with the Fowler family and those close….God gives his hardest battles to his strongest soldiers…

    1. Yes. Our prayers are with the Fowler family at this time.

      And he shall wipe away every tear from
      their eyes.

  34. They will need their space. Respect for their privacy would be greatly appreciated.
    Praying for them.

  35. To Kevin, Ingrid and all the family and relatives. We send much love to you all and praying for your support in your sorrow. Gods ways are beyond our feeble minds. Comforting to know we will one day know the reason for every deed in every day. Safe with Our Lord Jesus Christ.
    Very much love and prayers.

  36. Praying for you Kevin and Ingrid and family…our thoughts are with you!
    The support is much needed, thank you everyone!

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