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There was a heated display at Tweed Heads, as hundreds of angry fishermen protested against the Federal Government’s proposed marine protection areas.

Tensions boiled over, with some lashing out at Greens party members, in support of the bans.

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  1. that low life GREENIE was there to stir things up . i am amazed he walked out of there unharmed.
    what the greens are doing is wrong , if they want us to respect their views why dont they respect ours .

    GREENS dont care about the economy all they want is total lockouts .

    fishing is a multi billion dollar industry and just think of all the jobs that will be lost if these dirty mongral greens get their way .

    JOOLIA YOU FOOL keep borrowing 100 million a day for the rest of your life and put AUSTRALIA back 100 years you labor fool .

    OUT WITH THE GREENS AND LABOR they are a financual time bomb ready to send AUSTRALIA BROKE.

  2. The Greens need to be stoped , this is just ridicolous and stupid
    i hate to think the amount of people heading to the dole que , and here is labor selling out the australian people for green votes , but i

  3. The Greens need to be stoped , this is just ridicolous and stupid
    i hate to think the amount of people heading to the dole que , and here is labor selling out the australian people for green votes , but i do like how these labor freaks carry on about saving jobs .

    AUSTRALIA is becomming a international laughing stock .

    Australia has the best fishing grounds and coastline in the world people spend thousands of $$$$ to go fishing .

    the greens are just one eyed idiologist a bunch of freaks suported by freaks , get rid of them .

  4. The Green party machine sent this guy in there to create an incident. Bob Brown and his followers do not have to justify their policies and nor do they have to table the costings. Their thinking is draconian at best. Australia has the most underfished oceans in the world and also has the most protected areas already.

    Ask Bob Brown to produce evidence to support his views …… he won’t and you know why……. IT DOES NOT EXIST.

    A Green vote will kill an Australian way of life, a lifestyle that is sustainable and important, socially and economically and has enormous health benefits.

    Let me kids fish…….. please.

  5. Whether you like Tony Abbott or not, for this election it’s only one choice and pretty simple really. Just put the Greens last and the ALP second last on your electorate ballot paper and to maximise the vote to make sure the GREEN/ALP marriage doesn’t get control of the Senate and “move us forward” OVER A CLIFF, in NSW just put a 1 in group box AA for the Coalition, in Vic- Qld group O, WA -NT-ACT-SA group D and TAS group C.

  6. i am all for being green , but i do not agree with what is going on here the greens have lost my vote . my dad and brother fish i dont see anything wrong with this

  7. Recreational Anglers have had enough !

    We have been the silent majority for far too long getting reemend by the Green minority for the sake of VOTES !

    if ya keep poking at the embers a fire will start !

    I prey all anglers Rec / Pro / Chater stand up against this anti-Australian Green tide

  8. The heartbeat of Tweed Heads and its coastal villages is the fishing industry derr,
    Our trawler & fishing fleet bring to us, and the tens of thousands of tourists the best in wild ocean caught seafood.
    World class seafood that is accessible straight from the boat or delivered to local markets the same day, where else can you live stay or holiday, buy and enjoy a feed of super fresh prawns sit by the river or beach all in a matter of minutes, not many that’s for sure.
    The lifestyle or temporary escape from the pressures of work and just getting through the week is all made worthwhile by the humble prawn, fresh cooked fish & chips & seafood that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.
    Our and I stress our professional fisherman know this, live this and have family’s, big boat maintenance upkeep need licenses for this that and the other rego’s and mooring fees, diesel and safety survey fees and lots more, and that’s even before they step ashore to address mortgages, and general living expenses.
    These brave men & women are the salt of our region the backbone & its heartbeat. The strict fishing regulations quotas etc were in essence engineered by our pro fisherman, you don’t think some politician came up with implementation do you ?
    Pro fishermen were practicing sustainable fishing well before big brother, so believe me, if you carn’t catch a fish don’t blame the pro’s, go on a fishing charter or head down to the trawlers and ask them how to catch a feed, they will more than likely give you some bait and show you a trick rig and where they are biting,
    the fish are there and the pro’s want to keep it that way not take it away like extreme political parties would.
    Stick up for our right to fish and our right to the Aussie lifestyle, our trawler men are good local folks doing a traditional time honored job. Please support these men & women and keep our local waters open for everyone now in the future and for bloody common sense.
    Say G’day to a pro fisherman & let them know they are appreciated.
    p.s I’am not a pro fisherman.
    Dave B.

  9. Greens – 12% of the vote, 100% of the power!
    Wake up Australia, time to relegate these dictators back to the shadows!

  10. We as a family love to fish and to eat them. Our holidays are a fishing holiday take it away and you take away our life style. The cost of fishing is not cheap. We have a little river boat and motor there are costs involved. You need rods,bait, tackle a car to move it. Fishing licence, boat and car rego, insurance the list is endless. This list is keeping someone in a job somewhere. We fish because we enjoy the sport and the relaxation of a quiet day. I feel those who don’t fish just do not understand. Rob

  11. The greens have become fanatics, they only see things their way, they used to be a party or a movement i had respect for, but now they are nothing shy of militant thugs who dont give a rats ass about anyone elses but themselves.

    Curious how many of the tight ass bastards have gone 100% green on their on backyard, solar cells on their roofs, recycle grey water, collect rain water etc etc – doubt it as you have to part with cash to do that and my experience is most greens are green till it comes to parting with the $$ then they change their minds.

    If they want to start locking down fishing areas, make it federal law that an area cant be made a marine park until 3 independant marine biologists have studied the area the ecosystem and then given unbiased reports. if the consensus from all 3 independant “SCIENTISTS” -not some whack job who think he knows a thing or 2- then put a scientifically based strategy in place to protect the area, not for ever but for a time frame that will allow the area to recove and then treat the area appropriately for long term benefit and present day enjoyment

    My real question is what is the REAL GREEN AGENDA – who is funding them?

  12. Has the social / mental relief from high pressure appointed jobs been mesured , after weting a line ?

    Fishing means so much to everyone, it has no boundaries

  13. Went to the rally today, reminded me of the Brunswick Heads rally to stop the Byron marine park years ago.
    I remember Larry Anthony from the Nationals speaking and he basically said he had only just been alerted to the pending new marine protection zones.
    Now correct me if I’m wrong but I’m not Larry lived at New Brighton had young kids and Brighton Creek was to be zoned as a no take zone, meaning not even fishing rods.
    I felt like shouting out ” Well your no bloody good ” but busted my guts to shut up,
    Larry was as effective as a flat tyre in an F1 race and the race was on had been for over a year and what we needed then like now is strong leadership.
    I think Bob Smith was at that rally and he said if we don’t stop the over the top marine zoning’s now it will be much harder to stop them in the future.
    True words… since then the Great Barrier Reef marine park and more brainwashing that marine parks will benefit everyone, yeah bullshit.
    Once they get our fishing grounds and do our heads in with where you are allowed and not allowed to fish they go for complete no take marine protection and spread it like an aggressive cancer.
    We are facing a very serious battle to hold on to our traditional fishing grounds make no mistake about it.
    There is no guarantee our local political representatives will not be made to sit and beg just like two face Garrett.
    I know some of the local Skippers and they would fight till the death to protect our right to fish this is Australia mate.These men are fishermen not politicians and this issue is heartfelt, emotions are real this is their livelihood and in the blood.
    The old Dude who so rudely and cunningly stepped up to promote Greens propaganda today uncannily looks like the same fella who stands out front of a woman’s clinic in town preaching the wrongs of choice, anyway I personally applaud the passion and conviction to beating this cancer that threatens our way of life the actions of the fisherman who showed we mean business to stay in business.
    The old Green was given a chance to say his bit unfortunately it was coming out the wrong end and ol mate in my view very politely let him know he was not going to get a loving tree hug but a real man who had the guts to do what others wanted sorted job done, next….
    Just because ol Greeny was over the hill did not give him the ecky peace loving trance & Doof mindless slaps on the back he might have got out at a logging protest not here this is serious we will beat this cancer on all levels.
    Ladies and Gentlemen this is our calling we must prepare to defend our way of life and our kids right to what we have had.
    Who is going to be the one to raise our profile and get this job done ?
    Whoever you are do something now before its to late.

  14. Well there you go…QLD shafted,Victoria shafted,NSW shafted and on it goes but have a look at the Green Menaces heartland of Tasmania…Does Bobby Khaki (Brown+Greens = Khaki) mess around in Tasmania …”no sir re Bob”
    Even rec anglers still use real ‘Cray pots’,Hookers,Long and Drop lines and at a guess the odd net or two.
    A depressed place without Fishing and Shooting that wee Isle would be and kick out the miners…’no sir re Bob’
    Head to the mainland and destroy their livelihoods and recreational activities and while your there give our ‘for the people’ party, the once champions of down trodden and hard working ‘Primary Industries’ a ‘balance’ in the Senate to put thousands of hard working Australians in the ‘masters grip’ of Social Welfare now that the chest beating has started and the scare scaremongering is in place.
    Compensation via expedited processing of ‘Dole” applications for those forced out of an industry that has both provided ‘all Australians with both a fresh and safe ocean fish supply’…a thriving ‘recreational pastime’ with millions of ‘taxable dollars’ filling the coffers of past and present (now not the future) Governments from the import and export and what ever other type of port that “FISHING” sustains,maintains, offsets and what ever.
    Should we burn our boats,turn off our freezers send our reels and sinkers to the Scrap Dealers (no the scrap would be sent back as some other junk our Government declares an excellent import at inflated prices and lucrative commissions)
    Give the Greens the heave hoe and while your at it give the ‘burning bed’ moron Garret a big flick as well.

  15. As a little addition to my previous comments and laugh as you may but do these ‘Vandals’ realise that they are in a round about way saving me huge amounts of dollars that I really don’t want to save..My boat and trailer registration, my Boat and Fishing licenses, my electricity and gas bills(now I have no fish to cook and no bait to store that I have paid a taxable premium on)

    In all I will probably be saving around $867.50 a Kilogram per years on not going for a recreational fish…good ahe!! cos you dumb nutters in Government won’t be getting it..not one cent..think about it as I am just one ‘recreational fisho’ that see’s his right to a life outside of work being unjustly removed.

  16. The Greens are NOT against recreational or commercial fishing. Like everyone else, we simply want to make sure there are some fish left for our children and our children’s children.
    Whenever food supplies run short, people get angry, that is human nature.
    We have to work together to make sure that there is enough food to go around.
    As I said the people at the rally yesterday, we are more than happy to sit down and talk through the best way to acheive what we all want.


    there is no compromise with you green freaks , and you idiotic greens are going to have blood on your hands .
    killing the livelyhood and putting so many people out of a job is not going to be taken lightely .

    take a look at GREENSWATCH.COM and see what freaks you all are


  18. With both major party’s preference flows, going to the greens before each other it looks as though the majors will hand control to the greens.

    The greens fear the DLP the most and have placed them last on their ticket.

    A Vote for the DLP in the Senate is the strongest vote against green extremism.

  19. JOe Joe Joe… First of all you would need to bring some SCIENCE and FACTS with you,, not rhetoric. At the end of the day you’ve got nothing more than an ill-informed ideal. You were there strictly to stir the pot.
    Green is fine XTREME GREEN is not. All commercial fishermen support proper fisheries management. Locks out don’t achieve that. Some of us in this region have had their best season in up to 40 years. EXPLAIN THAT JOE..?? and what happens to the stocks in fisheries surrounding your Marine Parks,, they are going to cop a hammering. Most of us love fishing for a living or just for fun and want to do it for a long time,, wiping it out stock wise doesnt make sense. We have the log books from years back to today, there are good years, there are bad years, thats just the nature of the sea. A lot of people have spent LIFETIMES building up something your going to just destroy with the stroke of a pen. good onya mate. Based on what ?? the word of Sideshow Bob Brown and his parrot Garret. FACTS BOYS… WHERE ARE THEY.?? Because,sadly, if there is a SEAFOOD SHORTAGE in the future it will because of your lockouts NOT our local fishing practices,..,

    as for LABOUR,, you lay down with dogs , you get fleas….

  20. The fishing industry within Australia is sustainable if the greens took the time to research they would realise how they frustrate the majority of the country.

    We pay over $4000 in yearly fees (which are currently being greatly increased) to the government to monitor fish and related stocks to provide sustainability for the future of all our children.

    To be green is to buy local, wheather it be seafood or other food produce. More carbon emitions are created importing these locally accessable foods.

    Running out of food ? With sensible management and buying local we keep fishing and other food produce for the futrue. Plus, the local economy is able to employ our children so that they may purchase food and remain living in the area.

  21. I’m no rabid greenie but people can we have a bit of balance in this debate. Where’s your considered argument and analysis of the issue? Where’s your scientific evidence proving what the conservationists have put up is a nonsense?

    You can’t seriously think people are going to take notice of you when you continually whinge that you have the right to do whatever you want where you want when you want. It becomes a tad tiresome after a while folks.

  22. Firstly, the greens were plain bloody stupid to turn up to that protest. They’re lucky they didn’t get their heads knocked off.

    Secondly, could a second-rate party like the Greens win an election outright? I wouldn’t think so myself. So why are they there? To be a complete pain in the backside to the rest of us. To waste taxpayers money. Where’s the party against that?

    And what policies would the Greens have on economics or education if they ever did get elected outright? Plant trees in classrooms? They’re not even a real party.

    Labour can’t win an election on it’s own. It needs preference votes. From the Greens. To be seen to be “doing it’s bit” for the environment, they implement these policies to get onside with the Greens. Hell, they even took Peter Garrett onboard. It was only ever a publicity stunt, but poor Peter is to stupid to see that for himself. No brains in his baldy head.

    I don’t believe there should be any preferencial voting of any sort. Each party should be able to get in or out of power by their own merits. Maybe then they might actually start thinking for themselves, and not for another party that might give them the thumbs up and help them get bums on seats.

    Common sense in this country has gone well and truely out the window.

  23. Dougy,

    The balance is exactly what we are requiring/demanding. Industry continues to finance research, data collection, fisheries management, environmental sustainability measures and innovative technology in an effort to ensure the valuable fisheries resource we all enjoy, remains viable today, and for future generations. If you attended yesterdays rally, you were enlightened with regard to the huge list of downline stakeholders whose economic futures depend on a balanced system of fisheries management, not addhoc reactive measures to scientifically unproven claims. If our fisheries are in such a devastated state, I for one would find it very hard to support a government who, through all the levels of fisheries management we currently endure and pay heavily for, never saw this coming and failed to warn us. Think about it….

  24. The Greens have, for some years now, been taken over lock, stock and barrel, by the rabid socialist left.

    This isn’t about the “environment”. That is a smoke screen. What the Green socialists really want is the total shutdown of industry.

    All thinking Australians – who want a productive and thriving Australia – should place the Greens squarely last on their Senate voting ticket. It is way past time that the Greens were sent packing, before they destroy our country with their socialist agenda.

  25. Joe states “Whenever food supplies run short, people get angry, that is human nature. We have to work together to make sure that there is enough food to go around.”

    Joe, where are the fisheries in collapse? The 7yr old paper Bob Brown created his policy off has been so heavily distanced from the scientific community for the selective use of data. There is no collapse.

    I say is it sustainable to perform forest clearing to plant all the lentils and veggies to feed the world and remove the fatal cow fart from the AGW argument? Please.

    The anger you saw has nothing to do with a shortage of food. It is the continued removal of freedoms of the Australian public to enjoy the outdoors. You are attempting to remove a multi billion dollar industry based on an ideology. Just like the coal industry, your views will shut this country and turn it 3rd world. That anger is growing stronger as the mainstream populations see through your rhetoric. This will grow more and more so just be careful because the green on the outside is no longer hiding the red on the inside.

  26. I have been surfing the net trying to find any uploads r.e the Tweed Heads fishing rally yesterday, seems NBN has the scoop as there is absolutely no other national media coverage.
    Thanks NBN for taking an interest and effectively communicating the nuts & bolts of our predicament.
    Tweed Heads fishing people be it pro’s to amaters need and appreciate your up to date coverage of our struggle to keep our fishing grounds lifestyles & economic viability on the front page, not shoved to the side in favour of political indifferance. We are facing a very serious plight and even though our pro fishermen try to convey the message that their work practices are sustainable and our fish stocks are healthy proven by statistics not ballyhoo their voice is muffled by the ultra conservative Green brigade.
    The pro’s are fishermen not politicians there is no cushy pension a the end of their working lives yet their hard work has brought together familys at the dinner table romantics on our river banks, put much needed money into the services that drive our local economy.
    There is something about watching a fishing trawler make its way to sea that awakens emotions of what Tweed Heads is all about.
    To see this way of life snuffed out due to a political deal to secure preferences is wrong and shamefull. Our Pro fishermen are proud men that put to sea in often less than ideal conditions to put food on the table and support the businesses that support them.
    These men & women should have the countrrys full support, they are Australian icons a national treasure to our Aussie way of life.
    Please if anyone reading this can help us bring our plight to national attention please do it now before its to late.
    Thanks NBN for your coverage to date.
    May common sense prevail,
    regards Envy.

  27. Dougy..there is no scientific research same as the greens have none. about we use the precautionary principle..closures until the evidence is there.
    Sounds good huh? But wait Dougy..your house could possibly catch on fire..therefore you cannot live in it Dougy. You could have a car prang too no driving for you now. You starting to get on the same page yet Dougy.

    Fishermen and women are conservation minded..we abide by size and bag limits.

    What recreational activities do you enjoy Dougie? Better not go to any of them either..something might happen.

    On the opposite side Dougy..we KNOW where most of the fish estauries. We also KNOW that run off into these areas is polluted from industry and households and land clearing. We KNOW that the water quality in these streams is deteriorating every why the hell aren’t the Greens jumping on this bandwagon????

    We aren’t whinging..we would be in favour of whatever is required ONCE the onvious causes have been rectified..until then no bandages until the wound is cleaned up and healing.

  28. The greens need to be put under the rock they belong before they turn our contry into a hell hole .

    dont vote labor/greens .

  29. P.S. I would never do a deal or compromise with the Greens they cannot be trusted, proven in the loss of jobs and wrecked lifes they have left in their wake.

  30. I’m just an average guy that has a boat & goes fishing occasionally. The Tweed is my port of call as a holiday destination. I bring a boat, two cars and a camper trailer. I spend my hard earned cash on a site in a caravan park, buying food and petrol, a few dinners out, fishing gear and the list goes on, in the local community. How much would I spend ? $600, $1000 , I guess it depends on the length of my stay but I am spending this money for the enjoyment of taking my boat out and fishing.
    Rarely do I catch a decent feed but I still enjoy my favourite past time .
    But there is a problem, namely the NSW governement, the Federal Labour government. the extreme radical Greens & throw in the Qld government who all want to stop me enjoying what I love doing i e banning fishing.
    They don’t own the coast, we do. Have they considered the damage they will be doing to the communities who rely on the fishing dollar to survive.

    Shame on them !!

    Go to a supermarket to buy fish ! Funny, we live in Australia but we don’t sell Australian fish in the supermarkets. Is this because of the scarcity of fish in Australian waters or more because of the economics of being able to import cheaper fish from overseas. Shouldn’t we be supporting our professional fishermen ?



    Enough said

  31. its a pity fishermen do not have enough intelligence to actually count.

    you are taking more fish out the sea than can breed – in a couple of years there wont be any… for ANYONE. You greedy thugs are a scourge on this planet.

  32. Obviously the shooters party hired a heap of thugs to turn up… I know heaps of fishermen who are Greenies and know how important it is to protect these areas. The problem is that Justine Elliot and her cronies dont have a clue when it comes to environmental issues.

    If the Liberal and Nationals get their way there will be no fishing industry in Australia due to depletion within 10 years,.. and these morons wont have anywhere to fish anyway.

    Ive heard that the Greens would take a different approach to these reserve which would benefit the fishermen and actually have a better outcomes for the stocks as well….. but i guess hired thugs arent interested in that conversation.

  33. Seriously and Wotsup,,, you have no idea.. you believe what your told, thats o.k. You obviously know nothing of fishing or the real world. So much mis-information from the xtreme greens out there and some of you just swallow it HOOK LINE AND SINKER. Dont you kids question the crap people tell you anymore? These Greens can scare you little non thinkers into believing anything.

  34. GREENS BRAIN WASH KIDS to beleieve the F&^KED policies they make up taking the facts out of their green ass .


  35. Darren, Gerry,
    What are you going to believe? That the Liberal party cares about you?

    They are so busy spending their millions they get from cigarette companies, from mining bosses, from banking bosses – they hardly care about you. They just want your vote so they can keep screwing you.

    The Labor party is the same – they laughing about this knowing that once the election is over they can go back to their comfy chairs in Canberra.

    Read the Greens policies, have a think, its not rocket science.

    The shooters are clearly just Liberal hacks – I assume Joan has employed them to make a fuss on this website as well.

  36. Wow, some hard headed comments have been made which do no justice to either side of the debate. My experience with amateaur fisherpersons is that they never catch more than they can eat. In fishing competitions I’ve participated in nothing is thrown out after the weigh ins. My very limited experience of professional fisherpersons is that they not only abide by the regulations but they only catch what they can sell. I saw a pro on the beach after one particular type of fish. He knew his job because he caught that fish in less than 10mins. and then left. He could have caught any number of fish but what is the point if he can only sell one.

    I’m always skeptical of statistics because they’re open to interpretation. Although they are expressed numerically they have no resemblance to mathematical fact.

    There are always exceptions but I find it difficult to concieve generally that proffessional fisherpersons would sabotage their means of living.

    And I take exception to people telling me (or anyone else) how I should be spending my leisure time. Although you can go fishing with other people amateaur fishing is not a social event. It is you, your gear and the fish. I find fishing is like erasing the tape in my head regardless of whether or not I catch any fish.

    I know people who fish and release their catches.

    As for the Greens policy I prefer the views of people who fish and have fished for decades whether they be pros or amateurs. They know whats going on and why.

  37. YEAH – let’s log all of Tasmania, mine Uluru and dredge the Great Barrier Reef!! These poor folk are scared for their livelihoods and I sympathize for them, but plans for more marine parks are responsible. I grew up on a large river in NSW and saw it get over-fished cause people wanted to take ‘their fair bit’. Now, 20 years later barely any of them have jobs in the fishing industry because they there’s nowhere for the fish to repopulate from. Marine parks are common sense I rekon.


  39. Some mislead people such as Dougy need to do their homework, when the marine parks were being established the Marine Park authority formed an independent group to study their scientific research that supported the establishment of the marine parks.
    Professor Kearney was on this committee he concluded the science to support the parks establishment was flawed and incorrect and has tried on several occasions to verify this with the ministers ect. Professor Kearney I believe was once the Head scientist for NSW Fisheries and one would assume if his work was good enough for them then why not now. Why form an independent committee to give you advice if you have no intention of listening to its finding.
    Greenies will only use the science that they find supports their agenda and disregards the facts.

  40. I am a pro fisher we work out of a small coastal town which was establishes around the fishing and cane industry.My son has just begun to skipper our trawler he is a fourth generation fisher. But he is also one of a very few that are following in their fathers and grandfather footsteps.
    With constant changes in fishery management and the threat of more marine Parks it is hard to attract young people to an industry that is continuing to be over governed.
    It cost around $30,000 per year just to own a trawler ie insurance, licences, survey, slippings and mooring fees. I get less for my prawns now than I did in the 80’s. Cheap imports keep the price suppressed. Once we are gone do you think imports will be so cheap?
    And if you think aquaculture is the sustainable future then think again as it relies on wild caught bait fish to produce fish meal for the prawns ect.
    If the pro’s got a bit passionate the other day and sat the greenie on his ass I can understand why.We are only a small group without a big political voice like the farmers.Our businesses are under threat and our families futures. If the government wants to get rid of professional fishers than so be it, but have the decency to buy us out. And not for the measly $15,000 recently offered to leave the industry with DIGNITY !!!!! Don’t continue on this path of squeezing us out until were all on our knees.
    Australians have the right to have fresh local hormone free natural fish and prawns to feed their families.
    Support our fishers not THAILAND’S

  41. In August 09, Environmental Lawyers from the Australian Centre of Environmental Law submitted a document about the forced displacement of thousands of Australians impacted by this imminent Australian Marine Park deal. The Commonwealth government commissioned this paper and have the capacity to shaft virtually every single stakeholder without regard or compensation.

    Want proof? Get onto Google and type: Commonwealth Marine Protected Areas Displaced Activities Analysis.

    Environmental lawyers have presented their findings and supplied Government with a free pass to create MPA’s with little need to compensate. As Un-Australian as it seems, this is what our Country may be doing to us.

  42. # Gary on August 14th, 2010 5:50 pm

    I jsut viewed the fishing prtest at Tweed River. As a fisherman I found it totally embrassing to see the typical redneck violently threatening and assaulting the greens candiate. The idiot should be charged with serious assault. A twit if there was ever one and a cowardly act. The twits behaviour only gives more ammo to those wanting more fishing reserves.
    The fishing reserve argument may be based on science.
    We should not let cowardly criminal beahiour as demomstrated today over-ride a good debate. I would be be surprised if this chap demosbrtaes the same bully cowardly behaviour to women. A dog act.

    Leo on August 19th, 2010 3:45 am

    Your a bloody pansy Gary, typically that makes you a racist with your preconceived perceptions. You demonstrate a weakness that would see you relegated to peeling potatoes if Australia was in battle.
    Serious assault ..? its more like an assault causing grievous bodily harm to the fisherman, pandering misinformation that our local fishery is mismanaged & pilfered to the point of locking it down, are you serious ?
    The Greens want power Labor wants their preferences it already is a done deal politically. Pro Fishermen, Charter boats, our prawn trawler fleet, fish & chip shops, tackle shops, restaurants, processing plants have been here for many decades, you don’t just stick your head out and tell a Pro fisherman what he is doing is wrong without serious proof or a mental illness.
    Its like me going up to your wife and saying Gary s to old there’s no go in him anymore, listen to me, shaft him lets do it this way its for the best.
    With me yet bricklayer, wake up our fishery is healthy & abundant, just because other country’s have mismanaged their resource don’t mean Tweed Heads Pro &
    recreational fishermen are to blame on the contrary, our local industry demonstrates growth as a result of sustainable fishing practice and improved water runoff management by land development.
    The only criminal behavior is to forget what drives our town & region and treat it with the disrespect that Green Candidate showed to get on TV.
    We are proud & passionate about our fishing fleet and industry,
    Its the heartbeat of the Tweed bringing wild ocean caught seafood to our town region and its visitors.
    And if the Greens or doomsday preaching anti fishing brigade carn’t take the heat stay outa the kitchen,
    Support Tweed Fishermen the Heartbeat of the Tweed.

  43. It’s funny that these nationalistic types are the same people hell bent on trashing our country’s natural heritage, stealing from future generations of Australians, ruining it for the rest of us.
    You guys don’t care about the fish, only yourselves.

  44. if you didnt already get what i wrote then i may as well say it again
    hi and behalf of my friends, mable park state school and i would like to say thank you again for driving all that way from NSW just to perform for us
    that must be pretty fun being able to travel almost all over the world on tour to perform for many school i wish that that could have been me but thank you again and i hope you have fun performing

  45. Dont make this bloke with his young girls and kids suffer if your going to do this look after these blokes they were their when we needed them now lets be there for them. I can’t even begin to imagine what they are going through. Its not fair what about the fair australia.

    NO More Migrants legal or not we can only sustain Australian Born people.

  46. Which issue is it?
    It is extremely frustrating to find a Us Vs Them mentality.
    Marine Reserves are completely necessary, right now. In the Pacific, fish is stolen, right under the noses of Pacific Island fishermen.
    THE issue is respect and sustainability. Get involved and informed before you give your opinion. And especially when you attack an idea, “Greenies”, are just people who want to see responsible management.
    Sharks, fish and the oceans are under threat.
    20% of all fish caught globally. Is thrown back dead. How does that effect Australia’s oceans?

  47. I don’t think the greens realise that Australian fisherman are the most caring of their Fishing grounds that I have ever seen and what these fishermen do is sustainable they all realise that if they go over the quotes they will risk damaging to their own industry.
    Why would they of all people do that? I can tell you this unfounded coming from the greens and is absolute nonsense they have no data from scientific research right here in Australia to back up any of their claims that we are over fishing our coastlines.
    However there are many documentaries that have been aired over the last few years and are currently being aired on national network television that make people think what is happening is happening here. The facts are the fish stocks are sustainable and are not being over fished
    None of these fishing shows are in Australian waters.
    I seek that the federal government have another comprehensive study to be done to give us some actual data and involve all the denominations of all fishing industries over the next 6 to 8 years. It would be very unhealthy for both the Australian industry and the families and that of the small business that the Government should be protecting.
    This great industry is far too restricted and should not have any more restrictions placed upon it until a detailed scientific and within that provable loses of ground stock.

  48. @Daniel on August 23rd, 2010 5:12 pm you mentioned that 20% of fish caught globally is thrown back this is not lacal statistics this is global. Australia uses different practices than other countries we always have.

    don’t think the greens realise that Australian fisherman are the most caring of their Fishing grounds that I have ever seen and what these fishermen do is sustainable they all realise that if they go over the quotes they will risk damaging to their own industry.
    Why would they of all people do that? I can tell you this unfounded coming from the greens and is absolute nonsense they have no data from scientific research right here in Australia to back up any of their claims that we are over fishing our coastlines.
    However there are many documentaries that have been aired over the last few years and are currently being aired on national network television that make people think what is happening is happening here. The facts are the fish stocks are sustainable and are not being over fished
    None of these fishing shows are in Australian waters.
    I seek that the federal government have another comprehensive study to be done to give us some actual data and involve all the denominations of all fishing industries over the next 6 to 8 years. It would be very unhealthy for both the Australian industry and the families and that of the small business that the Government should be protecting.
    This great industry is far too restricted and should not have any more restrictions placed upon it until a detailed scientific and within that provable loses of ground stock

  49. The Greens are so damaging to our way of life and economy.

    Their policies are juts unworkable and illogical it isnt funny.

    I have fished all my life in different countries and Australia has possibly the best fishery in the world and not one single species of fish is in danger at all.
    These Marine Parks are just so rediculous it isnt funny.

    Whats the greens unltimate plan…..destroy the Australian way of life…..destroy the seafood industry……destory peoples lifes….
    What will they have us do…..import all our seafood from vietnam ….?
    WAKE UP….. Do they realise you are actually supposed to eat fish TWICE a week.

  50. To Jill above…..

    The Great Barrier Reef is in no danger of over fishing at all.
    The open Sea is VASTLY different to any river.
    I spend my life fishing and as a fishing Journalist…..I fish mainly for sport and 90% of what I catch is released alive and well.
    My last trip away was to the coral sea and the amount of fish I saw was unbelievable.The reef systems are ALIVE with fish and under no threat whatsoever.
    Netting a river is a whole different story and this shouldnt be done.
    I live in QLD and my local river is netted night & Day.
    Rivers and the nurseries and should be treated with a great deal of care.
    The Greens talk about Sustainable management…..Well this is what they should be focussing on…..Netting of Rivers and beaches right around Australia should be stopped.The rivers are the nurseries.

    The Marine park nonsense they talk of is utter garbage.
    Simply picking a patch of water and closing it down with no scientific proof of their unbelievable claims is just not the way to go.
    They stand to wreck the Australian way of life,damage the economy and are trying to destroy one of the most enjoyable healthy pastimes that has ever been – Fishing.

  51. It is really simple, the government is taking away our individual rights, our independence and our way of life, step by step, gradually.

    Now this is done in many ways and restricting fishing is but one of em, the restrictions on fishing are based on propaganda and are simply meant to increase control over the people and decrease their ability to be self sufficient.

    “conserving the reef” sounds good, we all want that, that does not mean however we should let a bunch of thugs in our governments take control over our lives, especially not when there is bad intent and lies about the reasons for it.

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