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And how’s this to make your skin crawl.

A six-metre monster was photographed at Branxton in the Hunter Valley.

It’s thought to be a King Brown which typically grow to around three-metres.

Road works around the area are believed to have flushed the creature out of the bushes, and into suburbia.

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  1. My husband is a licensed snake handler in this area and we didnt receive a call to have the snake relocated, i hope the snake has either been left alone or relocated by another licensed handler. Snakes whilst scary to most are important in our eco system and should be left alone.

  2. What a beautiful creature, Its a shame that urbanisation is leading to the down fall of such a creature and that some humans like to destroy what they dont understand.

  3. Iam a Hunter snake catcher seems very sus to me looks more like an exotic species.
    Could even be someones pet scrub python.
    King Browns- Mulga snake Pseudechis australis not from this area
    Sorry to say they dont eat kids maybe your pet cat

  4. that a big old snake thats been living happy where it was until we man desterbit now every body that does like snakes were he or she was is go to be looking for it to kill it just because we do not understand them

  5. I would never say not from this area, as habitat destruction and climatic changes will cause migration and species adaption, However the asumption that this could very well be a python of some description (Google Images) may well be more accruate.

  6. Wow,if that is a brown snake conntact speilburg and make a movie something that size couldnt possibly be a brown it is either a crossbreed or some kind of pothon, even as a pithon it is a very large snake and to be quite honest i cant believe it was just left to wander off.

  7. The Mulga or King Brown snake, Pseudechis australis, is not found on the eastern side the the Great Dividing Range and has a maximum length of 2.75m thus a 6m specimen is not possible. Furthermore, the King Brown and Brown snakes are in fact different species and the King Brown is actually a member of the black snake family. The King Brown is mainly nocturnal. I question the authenticity of the photograph and sighting.

  8. I reside in branxton, and to me it looks like a fake,.. well it definetely is not a king brown, because they dont grow as long and arent found in these areas like the above person said. Definetely not a brown or king brown(black snake) family type.

  9. dont care if its a doctored pic or not, yukko !!!!!.. I dont like snakes…

    snakes are about at the moment. I have a girlfriend with a brown under her house that sadly the snake handlers are not keen to relocate due to its location… not good for her as she is worried it will get in the house…… I have seen a red belly on our creek crossing this week,… they are out and about with the last of the summer sun…
    take care and beware !!! leave them alone unless you are a snake handler !!!

  10. It is notoriously difficult to identify or measure animals, especially snakes, from images such as this! And for some reason snakes always result in a dramatic (but v sincere) exaggeration! BUT the longest OFFICIALLY measured snake in Australia was a scrub python that measured 5.65m. Oenpelli and scrub pythons are reputed to get larger (maybe to 8m) but no officially standardised measured snakes have been measured to that length. Six metres is almost certain to be an overestimate.

    As to identification, the snake’s obvious size, the black head, and slightly striped pattern suggest an escapee black-headed python. These snakes are commonly kept by local reptile enthusiasts and some reasonably large specimens are around. They originate from tropical Australia, and will struggle to survive though our winter in the wild though πŸ™

  11. Fake, fake fake people. Are you serious. How could anyone actually believe this is a real snake. If this was a real snake I hardly think you would stay around to take a photo of the massive creature. Not only that to call it a King Brown when the fake photo is showing a black snake. Good joke, not news worthy.

  12. omg. i would die on the spot if i saw that. yes animals are important to the eco system, but my childrens safety is more important. i live not far from where it was discovered and was so glad i didint find it in my backyard.
    so was it captured?

  13. having been bitten by a brown snake earlier this year I can only say that if someone was bitten by this snake they would not stand much of a chance if more than 20 min from a hospital.Some so called experts say that a snake will not attack unless provoked,in my case that is incorrect as i was laying on the ground reading a book,these so called experts also say that a king brown doesnt live in these areas ,well i work outdoors travel to a lot of different places and some snakes that we see no-one knows exactly what breed they are.

  14. it’s a black headed python my mate breeds them look at the size of it’s head brown or king browns head is small and slender. head on that snake is bigger then it’s body its a no brainer python

  15. Snakes are beautiful creatures, poisoness or not, but are widely misunderstood.
    Having been in the bush all my life and having come across many snakes I have only ever had cause to kill one. We have browns and red bellies common on our property with a resident red belly in our tool shed. We share a mutual respect for each other as he helps keep mice and rats down and we provide shelter during the cold winter. This photo would make it dfificult to identify the snake and I agree with some of the other comments regarding its identity. At times it is necessary to examine the scales and in particular the “coffin” scale on the head to accurately identify snakes as even one type of snake can show a variety of colour and size dependant on their habitat.The tiger snake is a classic example.

  16. I agree can’t be a brown look at the colour of it’s head! No matter what snake I hate you!

  17. its a blackheaded python that some one has lost brown snakes dont have black heads…….

  18. check out the shadow on snake approx 00deg to body trees approx 30deg …I think hoax 20foot long brown snake ???

  19. Of course it is a fake. Check out the sugar cane in the background – don’t see too much of that in Branxton.

    If I had to guess, I would say this is the fake snake that lives on Uralba Road near Ballina. Its been there for a couple years at least. Went past it today just for giggles and someone has broken its neck and the gaffa tape repair has failed.

  20. What a load of crap, this isn’t a brwon of any sort. It’s Loch Ness he has excaped and come to Australia…. IF you beleive this then your a fool…..

  21. and to add to some other comments, yes snakes are beautiful animals and they dont come chase you nor are they evil. They do what we would do if we felt we where in danger they protect themself. I am sick of ppl making snakes out to be horrid nasty animals. I love all my pet snakes and would rather spend time with them then some ppl

  22. A good buddy of mine who is a snake catcher stated…

    that is not an Australian species and thats probably not Australia,as for ‘kingbrowns’ dont look anything like that nor reside in branxton or anywhere near it


  23. Since when did Branxton grow sugar cane? Check the pic background and I have not seen any bushland similar in the area. I would suspect far north queensland?

  24. It is the uralba road snake Marty is right we breed em big around calling all you freaks have been had gullible tools haha

  25. IT IS NOT REAL!!

    This is out the front of my old house in Uralba.. It is where Duck Creek Mountain Road meets Uralba Road. It is a really bad corner and notorious for accidents. The guy who owns the place now has put it there to slow people down whilst approaching the bend. IT IS NOT REAL!!

  26. Funny they don’t grow sugar cane in branxton nor do we have any street scapes that look like this one

  27. I am in possession of this snake, it is as big as in the photo. thinking about keeping it in a wheelie bin in the shed, heard they last for ages without eating anything.

  28. Fake yes. But, those “experts “that keep saying king browns are not in the huntervalley are not very bright. I grew up here, on a farm very close to branxton, and yes king browns are here, i have seen a few over the last 40 odd yrs, largest one was def over 2 meters as it went from one side of the road to the other.

  29. LOL – well, everyone is an expert – its a damn black headed python, sheesh you lot! Look at the cane fields behind it? Like DUH!
    But seeing as a few of you have seen “the king brown ” down there (pffft!lol) well i guess you’d also know that this is NOT a king brown!
    Ecosystems – deadset – get out in the real country, and i can tell you the ecosystems are doing fine!
    Dont believe everything you hear, especially from those who dont know what the heck they are talking about!

  30. Sorry Qlder, I don’t know about your black headed python, but the snake is fake. It isn’t a real snake and infact its made of metal. Which is why the “fake yes”.
    The posts by dan and marty are infact er fact.

  31. Well thylacine, its the best replica of a black headed python thats for sure! but “she / he” aint no King Brown thats a give in.
    How did he make the cane fields? πŸ™‚

  32. Cane fields are there because the snake is at
    “Uralba Road near Ballina.” not branxton
    and as marty said it is now broken

  33. Being from Niagara Falls canada, I’m just happy that it’s gonna bite an Aussie ass instead of mine lol. I wouldn’t mind seeing if it likes eating wives though. Got one i could introduce to Mr/Mrs Snake. Spent a month last year and it took my Aussie friend about 2 weeks to find me a wild kangaroo lol. Had the best time of my life. People in Australia are the best i have had the pleasure to meet….

  34. This is not a snake, but someone’s piece of art they crafted as a roadside joke. It’s located around the corner from where I live, same ‘snake’ same fence line. It’s made of material, wood and has a little metal head. NBN have obviously taken someones word for it, it is located in alstonville NSW.

  35. u people are so fu***** stupid if i put a picture of julia gillard that was photoshopped without her big nose ud probably beileive it to u make me fu***** sick

  36. The picture is fake, it’s a black snake, photo was taken from a FaceBook page, not even in Branxton. If you google this news flash it says it’s a hoax, and people are using it to send you a virus in your emails.

  37. see comments
    “Alyssa Cotter 05/22/2011 01:23 AM This ‘snake’ is located in the corner of uralba road and duck creek mountain alstonville. Just down the road from whee I live, it’s been there for years although he’s a little worse for wear ATM. The owner of the said ‘snake’ put him there as it is a really bad corner for accidents and to slow people down, I have images of the snake if you’d like. Hes made of wood, material and sports a little metal head. Sorry guys but it’s just a little small town joke.” &
    “Ty 06/01/2011 12:06 PM If you look at google maps at 189 Uralba Rd Alstonville NSW you can see the same yard and cane layout. As Alyssa Cotter said two posts ago. you cant see it in the goggle maps image or on near maps but pretty sure its the same place. Bit of CSI work pays off.”

  38. this snake is not a king brown but looks like a blackheaded python they can get large as to where it is if its that python it is displaced not where it should be. That to me would suggest a hoax or an escaped pet these pythons get to just over ten feet 3ms long also this python without heating would die most likely in this area so dont worry about it there are no poisonous snakes this big in Australia might be a python still that is a maybe as there is no proof

  39. thank goodness it’s a fake
    we live at branxton and there was a king brown the neighbour saw earlier this year
    i would have freaked out if this was around here

  40. Every1 has different points of view.
    My view is that humans should leave our wildlife in peace, 99% of the time, a snake will only attack a person out of fear, defending it self. Every living thing on earth serves a purpose. So we should let evolution do its thing, instead of ruining everything we touch eg… The coal mines taking all the land,.the new highway, and people population has grown a lot…so we will see them out in the open more, because the poor thing probably doesnt have a home 2 go back too. Brown snakes are territorial too, so its prob confused on what’s going on, with his home he mite of had 4 the last 20 30 yrs more or less. I hate that people kill snakes out of fear, if only more people understood that, a snake in the wild, just doesn’t want to see a human, cause we scare and intimidate them, ‘we are bigger than they are, so they feel threatened that we will attack and eat them, or something! I’m not a greeny. ‘But’ this is their home as well as our own,so we should look after it and any animal that live here too. I get so upset when I hear about people killing a snake, ”I meen seriously.. What is their reason for going to that extreme!?! just cause they couldn’t be bothered to call a snake catcher to pick it up instead. πŸ™
    People are so small minded..if they just ring a pro, to deal with the removal of a doing that they could collect its venom, to make anti venom. So by killing them, ”there’s ‘no excuse for it.. Its just cruel. All snakes are victims to careless humans everywhere. And the funny thing is, that most people think that they themselves are the victims. Just cause they are scared. Stay away from them, and they won’t bite..simple as that, the snake would prefer ‘not, to bite, they are just defending them selves. So clearly Im passionate about snakes and hate that people kill such a beautiful creature!
    Anyway about the snake being a king brown, il believe that when I see it, but. Won’t pay its not possible. I hope that people leave it in defence peace though.

  41. Well, well, well…that certainly is one busy snake. The exact same photo, in the exact same spot, with the exact same background was taken of it at Louisiana’s Morganza Spillway in the US of A as well as outside Richards Bay in South Africa where it was said to be 45 years old and born in 1960 (?).

    Conclusion = it’s either a fast traveling snake that takes its own props with it to ensure all photos taken of it look exactly the same, on three different continents separated by vast oceans; or it is what it is: a hoax. In any case, how do you tell from a photo what year a snake was born in :-))

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