Poseidon Dive Center Boat Refurbished

We Welcome you on Board our new refurbished Dive Vessel PDC1! She is such a beauty now!
If anyone is interested here is a list what has been done for the past 5 weeks she was out of the water!
New Propeller shape and refurbishing so we can run with a higher Speed (about 10 kn) Which reduces our Travel time to Phi Phi to 1,5h instead of 2h! Many wooden boards have been changed on the outside, Complete Lining and 4x Anti Fouling,Stabilizers have been made longer for less rolling in waves, 30 Rips inside the Hull have been changed for stability, Hull stabilizers have been upgraded or exchanged, Dive Deck is now wider than before, new throttle and cable, Rudder and suspension refurbished, whole boat was painted in- and outside, floor has been painted with a non slippery color and the Captain has a new seat and Bed! Compressor had a complete overhaul in September 2013 but we installed a new Filling Panel filling whips and filling valves. We are now ready for the next Seasons to come!
Please call us +66(0)75637263 for any bookings!
Still to come: CCTV, LED TV, Stereo, Logo and? Tell us what you’d like to see on our Boat!

Liveaboard Trip 2Days / 1 Night

Poseidon Dive Center Liveaboard 5th-6th April 2Days/1Night

Livaboard 2D/1N 5th-6th April

We’re planing a Liveaboard Trip on the 5th-6th April 2Days/1Night to Hin Daeng, Hin Muang and Koh Ha Yai with 6 dives in total. We have 8 Cabins with double and bunk beds. Come with us and hopefully see some Manta Rays and possibly a Whaleshark. If you are interested please give us a call at +66(0)75637263. Price all inclusive is 9900,- THB.


We are loosing Nemo


Because we humans burn fossils so fast the CO2 level in the Oceans rise Anemones become acid and Nemo has problems to locate predators.
According to numerous studies, if ocean acidification continues at the current rate, clownfish could experience significant sensory impairment. Since clownfish rely on their auditory and olfactory capabilities to evade predators and locate appropriate habitats, there is much indication that ocean acidification will negatively affect their population numbers. Signs appearing here! 6 years ago we had many more anemones and Nemos here!
PLEASE reduce your carbon footprint!


Underwater Clean up days at Phi Phi Islands Poseidon Dive Center

A Video from our very successful 2 Clean up days at Phi Phi Islands! Project Abroad and Poseidon Dive Center joined forces and cleaned up almost 3000 kg of Rubbish. But it should not happen in the first place that so much rubbish lands in our precious Oceans! Please put your rubbish in a Bin not on the Street or the Ocean! Thanks to all the other Groups and Dive Centers who have joined!

Yellow Lipped Sea Krait

A Yellow lipped Seasnake is going up to the surface to get a couple of Breath and then comes back down because they don’t have gills! Yellow-lipped sea krait can go as deep as 100 meters underwater and stay there for up to one hour. Every 10–14 days yellow-lipped sea kraits come on land to digest their food, drink fresh water, to shed their skin or mate and lay their eggs. They lay around 5-13 eggs at a time.

Abondand Fish Cage illegally set way inside the Marine National Park Phi Phi Islands

Today we rescued about 60 starving Fish from dying in an abandoned Fish cage which was illegally set way inside the Marine National Park laying on Corals which were damaged as well! Fortunately we found it by chance cut it open and released the Fish!
It was so amazing when they were released it gave me big jiggle and it seemed like they said Thank you before they left!
A small Movie of it will follow soon!
When do People finally understand that a Reef is Millions of $$$ more worth alive then dead???

Where Poseidon Dive Center is now in Ao Nang

The new Location on a map!

Poseidon Dive Center Map
Poseidon Dive Center Map

Poseidon Dive Center has a new Location

Poseidon Dive Center has a new Location

We are now just in front of Ao Nang Paradise Resort!

Green Turtle Rescue

The Project Abroad & Poseidon Dive Center rescued a young Green Turtle from drowning in an abandoned and drifting Net at Phi Phi Islands. Poor fishing practices are mostly the reason.

Freediving Rescue Training

Freediving Rescue Training from 5m of depth! Well done and Congratulations to Mou & Jai I’m proud of you guys! — with Karn Jiravatphalin and Pairote Saesieo.

Rough Ocean in Ao Nang

For the last 2 weeks it was really rough. To rough to go scuba diving.

Today is World Oceans Day

Today is #WorldOceansDay This is what we are doing to protect and preserve! http://www.dani-sasse.de

Poseidon Dive Center on Xing

Poseidon Dive Center on Xing

Poseidon Dive-Center


Biggest blackout ever hits South-Thailand

The “biggest power outage ever” in Thailand blacked out 14 southern provinces Tuesday evening, plunging almost the entire South into blackness for lengthy periods.

The outage occurred about 7pm, and the lights reportedly started coming back on again in certain areas at 8pm. But most of the tourist areas of Phuket were reportedly still in complete darkness two hours after the blackout began, and authorities said some areas might not get power before Wednesday morning.

Some lights were seen at 8.30pm in some areas of Phuket, Surat Thani and Hat Yai city.

There was no sign the outage was terrorist-related.

All provinces south of Surat Thani were affected, including Chumphon, Krabi, Nakhon Si Thammarat, Narathiwat, Pattani, Phang Nga, Phatthalung, Phuket, Ranong, Satun, Songkhla, Surat Thani, Trang and Yala.

Sirichai Maingram, president of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) Employees Union president, said the 500kV high-voltage cable in the central region was disconnected from the system.

Mr Sirichai said this was the biggest outage that ever occurred in the country.

The blackout was caused by a failure in the high voltage transmission power lines from the Central to the Southern region through Bang Saphan district of Prachuap Khiri Khan province, a spokesman of the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (Egat) said.

Egat Corporate Social Responsibility deputy governor and spokesperson Pongdit Pojana said all Egat power stations in the South were accelerating electricity output, including two diesel-powered plants in Surat Thani and Krabi, to make up for the lost energy to the grid. They accounted for 500 megawatts of a total demand of 2,500 in the region.

The technical cause of the blackout will be further examined, and officially announced later, he said.

Mr Pongdit said authorities were urgently repairing the faulty power transmission lines in Bang Saphan district Tuesday evening, and electricity was expected to return to normal late Tuesday night or early Wednesday.

Suthon Boonprasong, assistant governor to Egat’s Transmission System Operation, said as of 9.30pm electricity was already back to normal in 90% of the affected areas in the 14 provinces.In Krabi power returned at 1am.

Namchai Lorwattanatrakul, governor of Provincial Electricity Authority, confirmed that a preliminary examination indicated the blackout first hit a 500-kilowatt power station at Bang Saphan district of Prachuap Khiri Khan, a major venue for distributing electricity to users in the southern provinces, and later caused widespread outage in other areas.

Shark finning, overfishing and humans!

If we carry on fishing like we do at the moment there is NO fish left in 2048 how old your kids will be by then or yourself?

Right did you look further?

We are 8 billion people in this world no stopping of having kids. In 10 year’s we will be 10 billion people, ever thought of how to feed them? 8 mio die per year because of starvation already.

If we mess with the oceans marine life, soon there is no life anymore

All life comes from the ocean, called evolution.

The End of the Line! watch it!

and it is exactly like this, I dive since 16 years and have a huge number of dives and it decreases by day.

So a lot of people ask me: why don’t we farm fish like pigs or cows?

Not a good idea either to farm fish because, what do fish eat?

Fish eat other fish and where is the Fish-food coming from?

To produce 1000 kg of tuna you need 3000 kg of food (other live fish) where do they come from?

They come from the open Ocean so calculate how long that lasts if you need 3 times the amount of what you get out!

Another part is that a lot of people do not know that 80% of all fish are monogamy so they look for one partner in their whole life and if one of them gets eaten or caught the other one will never reproduce and or die as well.

We kill 100 mio sharks per year, for their fins.

Per second around 3,6 sharks get killed and 0,94 get born.

We take them out more than 3 times faster than they can reproduce.

We need the sharks it’s a reef cleaner, it eats old and sick fish

If we don’t have a reef cleaner anymore we kill the reef cause corals get overgrown by slime alga.

Do you know how many % of Oxygen we have in our air?…..

See 90% of all people do not know!

21% O2 is in our Air

Where does it come from?

Trees most people say.

We would not have enough trees in this world to produce that amount of O2

75% of our earth surface is water.

How much O2 is getting produced by trees?

How much O2 do you need per Breath?

so there you go….do the math without the O2 production from our Ocean

Shall I tell you a good story in between?

We have a nudi branch here which only has to eat one time in its entire life.

it eats corals so perfectly off and plants it in its tentacles so they grow and give food nutrients salts and minerals to the nudi.

It’s called “Blue Dragon”!

They are so much more advanced under water than we are

I guess you love Dolphins right?

Another story made up by the medias cause in reality they are not as lovely!!!!

Just one example: an Orca (Killer Whale) is the biggest of the Dolphins Family.

Back to our Sharks.

Women often ask me…..can I go diving because I have my period…..do i attract sharks then?

I always say then….I hope so 😉

But actually it’s the opposite

Another common misunderstanding about Sharks we get told by the Medias.

Yes its true they can smell a drop of blood in 1 mio liter of water but they would never come close as long as it is human blood, they do not like it! What do you do if don’t like your food in your mouth?! You spit it out don’t you?

That’s why 8 of 9 attacked people survive. The shark just try’s and spits you out again

How many people get killed by cats?

300 per year…a tiger are a cat isn’t it?

9 people get attacked by a shark per year

More people get killed by a falling coconut

or a soda pop machine

and many more people get killed by starvation 8 mil to be exact no one cares!

Just amazing what TV and Medias do to us


On top of that


Global Warming:

Corals can only cope with 32.2°C of Water temperature everything above that, they’ll get stressed and die! We had this 2 years ago 10% of all our corals are brown and dead. It comes back but very slowly

How fast does the fastest Plant on Land grow and what is it?

The Bamboo, it can grow up to 10 cm a day!

So how fast is the fastest growing Coral and which one is it?

The Staghorn Coral and it grows 1 cm a YEAR!


On top of that:

Rubbish Production:

We humans produce such a huge amount of rubbish, per person about 2.2 kg every single day.

2.2 kg x 8billion people x 365 days = 5,8 billion tones of rubbish

We humans already throw 8.1 mio tons of rubbish in the oceans every year! There is more plastic in the water than plankton! Broken down to so small pieces that our eye can’t see it!

So eating Fish is healthy isn’t it? At least that’s what the Medias are telling us to do!

We need the Ocean it protects us!

We live in such abundance that we don’t see it anymore! So much food, water, electric…..etc. all the time.


So whats the solution to this?

  • Buy fish once a week (not 5 times) from sustainable resources.
  • Lower your own standards.
  • Turn off the water while soaping under the shower.
  • Turn off  lights which are not needed.
  • Leave your car at home and take a walk or a bicycle.
  • Don’t go to the Gym by car and then sit on the bike.
  • Do not throw your rubbish over board or on the side of the street.


What Poseidon Dive Center does:

i could cry everyday about us stupid humans but that aint help…what helps is this!

  • Educating our divers and guests!
  • We sell our Best of underwater pictures; from the income of the pictures sold we’ll build & protect artificial & natural reefs! www.dani-sasse.de Have a look and please support us!
  • Artificial reefs are great because they not only protect the fish from fisher nets they also reproduce quicker as well as Corals can hook onto the artificial reef quiet easily. It’s maybe only a drop of cold water on a hot stone but at least
  • Farmed Fish and Turtle release.
  • Replanting of knocked over Corals by anchor or humans stand on them.
  • Setting buoys so Boats not have to anchor anymore.
  • Fighting for proper Fishing laws in the Marine National Park

PDC1 is back in the water

Our Boat PDC1 is back in the water

Finally! We put her completely refurbished with fireworks back in the water. Tomorrow, last checks and on Monday we plan our first Trip to Phi Phi with 2 dives!

Best of Underwater Photography by Daniel Sasse

Best of Underwater Photography by Daniel Sasse

[fgallery id=1 w=450 h=385 bg=ffffff t=0 title=”Best of Daniel Sasse”]

Clown Trigger Fish @ work

Clown Trigger Fish @ work!

Some facts about us “intelligent” humans:

We fish 80.000.000 Tonnes / Year 22.000.000 Tonnes is caught by chance and gets back into the water dead!
80% of all Fish live Monogamy!
If we carry on Fishing like we do at the moment there is NO Fish left in the year 2048!
We kill 100.000.000+ Sharks / Year just for there fins!
We throw billion Tonnes of rubbish into the Ocean every year!
There is already 6 times more plastic in the water than Plankton!
We have 21% Oxygen in our air only 4% is made by Trees the other 17% is made by Corals! Our Body needs 4% of Oxygen every breath.
so now tell me how “intelligent” we humans are?!

Leopard Shark at Hin Bida

Yellow lipped Sea-Krait

Yellow lipped Sea-KraitYellow lipped Sea-Krait on the way up to the surface to get a breath of air. Scuba Diving at the local Islands Ao Nang Krabi Thailand!

18.01.2013 Test Trip PDC1


Test Trip PDC1 Everyone enjoyed the Trip! Happy & more than Satisfied! Thank you very much for joining hope to see you soon again! And all went well! We had no Problems on our first trip to the Phi Phi Islands! Also underwater was a blast! 3 Leopard Sharks Turtles and much much more! Here are some impressions from the Boat! More Pictures are here!

Our new Boat POSEIDON 1 is here

Finally our new Boat has arrived!
She is called Poseidon 1. On the way to Krabi to get it ready in hopefully 10 days! Like it? We do very much!

There will be a Lounge with Music a Bar as well as Hot Water Showers & Toilets. More comfort is almost not possible! 😉

Poseidon Dive Center 1 Test Drive

Poseidon Dive Center on Tanga Reef

TangaReefTangaReef is a website where you can make bookings for dive holidays with partner dive centers around the world online. Whether you want to book a beginner course, an advanced course, just go diving or bring a friend along for snorkeling, TangaReef is the convenient, safe and responsible way to do so. With Tanga Reef, one can just sit back, relax, and conveniently book the trip and pay online using a credit or debit card at no extra charge.

And on top of that, every booking on TangaReef automatically benefits ocean conservation efforts such as the Coral Reef Alliance at no extra charge! So why not chose Poseidon Dive Center, one of the first TangaReef partners in Thailand, for your next diving adventure?

Welcome to Ao Nang

Ao Nang is celebrating its high-season start 2012/2013! Welcome to Ao Nang!
Ao Nang is a still small town with lovely places to have a a Drink or have some nice Thai Food. A great Holiday Place for the whole Family as well as Backpackers! Lots of things to do and to explore especially scuba diving! 😉 If you’ve not been here yet have a think about it!

Nemo Amphiprion Occelaris Clown Fish

Nemo National Geographic Photo Contest! National Geographic Photo Contest 2012. Entry by Daniel Sasse

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Thank you!

Scuba Diving Law of Boyle & Mariotte practical Example

Scuba Diving Law of Boyle & Mariotte in a practical Example! A bubble-ring is expanding towards the surface.

Poseidon Dive Center Underwater Clean Up Day Oct. 2012

Hey there green thumbs!

A couple of days ago we did our October Underwater Clean up day! Successfully we get less and less ropes and nets!

Rope Coral

Best of Underwater Picture by Daniel Sasse

Glossodoris Atromarginataa new Best of underwater Picture by Daniel Sasse. Glossodoris Atromarginata (Nudi Branch) This common species ranges in colour from creamy-white to a pale brown. It is characterized by the black line bordering the very sinuous mantle edge, the black edge to the rhinophore pockets, the black rhinophore clubs and the black edging to the simple gills.Specimens can reach 60 mm in length.

Awesome day Scuba Diving with Poseidon

3 divers and leo

Awesome good dives today!!!

What an amazing day diving at Bida Nai and Bida Nok! 3 Leopard sharks 2 Octopus mantis shrimp and a devils scorpion fish booooom!

#HappyBubbles #scuba #diving #shark

Poseidon Dive Center on eDiving

Poseidon Dive Center on eDiving.com!

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A Wall of juv. Barracudas

It was amazing going through this school of hundreds maybe thousands of Barracudas! Have a look at our Video!

Poseidon Dive Center Underwater Clean-Up day Sept.

Reef-NetOn 08.09.2012 at the Local Islands Ao Nang

We went out for Scuba-Diving on the 12.09.2012 to our local Island Reefs to do some clean up, small rubbish bags and plastic. But we were overwhelmed when we saw a big net about 30m in length and 15m in width stretching and hanging over the pinnacle at Koh Talu at our first dive site!

Fishing in these waters can cause problems like this because the fishermen throw the net, which will too often get entangled into corals! They will then just abandon the net and leave it on the reef! This not only leads to death for so many fishes and other marine life, such as turtles and cuttlefish, but also causes serious damage to the coral life. If not removed, more and more marine life gets entangled and dies from starvation and suffocation!
Many People don’t know that most of our Oxygen gets produced by Corals, but if they are stressed by a net they will die, fishes will move away and the whole reef becomes a “Serengeti Desert”.

Corals are the slowest growing creatures in the world! Some of them will only grow as slow as 0.01 millimeter per year, even the fastest growing corals only grows about 1 centimeter per year. But they can die in a day!

We removed the net as carefully as we could to not break more corals than had already been damaged and I was glad to have 4 other divers with me to help take care of it! I couldn’t have done it myself! Thank you very much to Jai, Roxanne, Happy and El!  With all 5 People we were not able to remove the net on our first dive so I took the guys back to our boat and returned to remove the rest of it by myself!

netWhen we did our second Dive at Koh Meaurai which was supposed to be a Fun dive we came across another huge net about 20m in length and 10m in width, lots of dead fishes entangled and struggling ones too! We carefully cut out those that were still alive, but, sadly, they were few! There was a tasseled Scorpionfish entangled in the net; Scorpionfish are very dangerous and it’s even more dangerous to cut them out of the Net but fortunately we could manage without getting stung!

We managed to get the two nets on the boat and once back on shore, we ensured proper disposal.

I wish something could be done urgently to improve and implement better fishing practices, not just in Asia but throughout the world, in order to maintain and preserve our fragile and diverse marine life system!

Cave Cowrie

Cave CowrieA Cave Cowrie is a sea slug, when sleeping, it pulls its skin over its shell and increases its surface to saturate with more Oxygen! Amazing isn’t it!? Oxygen(skin)tent! 😉